Precision wire cutting

Precision wire cutting

EMD Wire cutting parts
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precision CNC machining
EMD Wire cutting parts, wire cutting manufacturer China
EMD precision machined parts manufacturer China include wire cutting EDM, die sinking EDM,EDM service

Wire cutting gears 1

1. . Material: Stainless steel

2. Price: Reasonable Price

3. Surface Treatment(Finishing): Heat treatment

4. Manufacturing Service: OEM is available. EMD parts,wire cutting EDM, die sinking EDM,EDM service,EMD Wire cutting parts

5. Tolerance: Can keep +/-0.005mm, high accuracy

6. Specification: Products can be produced according to drawings customers offered

7. Manufacturing Processes and Procedures: wire cutting EDM, die sinking EDM, CNC lathe, milling, grinding, bench work etc.

8. Packing: Inner with the plastic bag and PE Foam, outer with carton. We can pack as per customer’s requirement.


Flexible production lead time 7-20 days up to volume and drawings.

Transportation Arrangements

We are only 2-3 hours by road to the work’s seaport and Shenzhen Airport or Guangzhou Baiyun airport , Various transportation methods can be arranged according to our customer’s requirements.

Express Courier Services DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT

4-5 days door to door to any destination in the world. Suitable for urgent prototypes or low to medium weight shipments.

Air Cargo Shipments

5-7 days, Daily flights from Shenzhen to all major destinations worldwide.

Sea Shipments

18-25 days to all major seaports in the world. Suitable for scheduled mass production delivery or large single shipments. We also book individual containers when necessary.